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Renewable Energy
Off Grid Electricity

Isolated homes and businesses without mains electricity supply either have to manage without electricity, or generate their own. For these houses, a renewable electricity generation system - using wind, water or solar power to generate power - could be the answer.

Living with an off-grid system can never be like living with mains electricity, but as well as reduced carbon emmissions it is much cheaper and quieter than running a diesel generator

Three solar arrays and a small wind turbine supply the majority of the electricity.


A diesel generator is used as a back up.

Storage Batteries

A bank of deep-cycle batteries store electricity when it is generated and provides power for when it is needed.


With proper controls and system design, a battery bank can last ten years or more.

Biomass Heating

A biomass boiler fuelled with wood logs supplies all the heating demands of the farmhouse and farm office.


Tony has an MSc in Renewable Energy, If you farm in Wales you might be eligible for subsidised advice on renewable energy from Tony.


Please click link for details: Farming Connect Mentoring

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