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Henfron Farm

Henfron is a tenanted farm consisting of a small number of fields and a large unfenced mountain which is in the Elynedd Special Site of Scientific interest (SSSi).


The land is fully organic and in the Welsh Government  ‘Glastir’ environmental management scheme.


The highest part of the land is 1700 feet above sea level and the annual rainfall is approximately 80 inches.

Nature Friendly Farming

At Henfron we are committed to low carbon farming, producing safe organic food as well as improving the bio-diversity of the land around us.


Several flower-rich hay meadows are managed to maintain and improve the diverse range of plants.



A flock of Welsh mountain sheep and a herd of Dexter cows are used to manage the  habitat rich pastures producing delicious Welsh lamb and mutton. Gathering the sheep off the mountain is only achievable with the help of the neighbouring farmers.

Our Dexter cows are used for improving the biodiversity of habitat land.


Hay Meadows

Our best hay meadow has over 90 different species of plant in every square metre!


The meadows supply an abundance of food for birds, butterflies, moths, insects and the busy bees which produce our lovely honey.



Over the last decade we have planted over twenty thousand trees.


The variety of trees planted include oak, birch, hazel, ash, willow, rowan, hawthorn, blackthorn and alder.

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