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Kon-Tiki Wales Biochar Kiln

Our Kon-Tiki Wales kilns are manufactured by in Rhayader, Mid Wales.

Elan Kon-Tiki.jpg

This ingenious invention allows farmers, wildlife trusts, estates and gardeners to produce high quality biochar from surplus biomass materials. With basic training an operator can produce a cubic metre of biochar in a few hours.


This retort has been designed at the Ithaka Institute in Switzerland.  Click here to download an indepth document outlining the history and development of the Kon-Tiki kilns.

The natural vortex dynamic of the kiln cone supports an “air curtain” and “flame cap” that uses the oxygen to burn the smoke allowing pyrolysis of the feedstock in the kiln.

The external heat shield improves efficiency by ensuring the air is preheated before entering the kiln. Operator safety is also improved by the heat shield.


"While most of the biochar produced during the last 5000 years was produced with open fire, modern pyrolysis suppresses the fire. The separation of the carbonisation and the flaming of the pyrolysis gases make pyrolysis technology prone to failure and expensive which is one of the reasons why the biochar technology did not have yet it's breakthrough.  The Kon-Tiki flame curtain kiln re-connect biochar making to the ancient wisdom and craft of fire making and combines it with smart design based on modern thermodynamics to produce high quality char with low emissions."  (Ithaka Institute, n.d.)

Charmaster Tony personally delivers our kilns all over the UK, and will spend an hour explaining how to use the kiln. We can also give full training on operating the kiln by completing a short burn and making biochar.










Curent prices:

Kon Tiki Wales including heat shield      £2,500 

Training, including a short burn                £200

Tools                                                            £120

Mesh insert for pyrolysis of grass etc.      £180

Delivery £2.00 mile


VAT @ 20% will be added to prices


​ Please contact us for any more details or to request an order form.  See below for more details of the Kon-Tiki kiln, mesh insert and tools.


Kon-Tiki Wales (2).jpg
Kon-Tiki Wales mesh insert biochar 2.jpg

The, diameter 143cm, with the heat shield the diameter is 155cm (this is removed for transport and can rolled up smaller). Height 120cm and width at the legs 90cm.

Mesh Insert

We have developed the mesh insert to enable our kilns to process lighter biomass materials such as hay or straw into biochar. As these materials complete pyrolysis the biochar falls through the mesh into the oxygen free kiln. The mesh sits loosely into the kiln enabling it to be removed for emptying and processing other more dense materials into biochar.


The toolkit consists of a steel long handled fork for tending the fire, two pairs of heat resistant gauntlet gloves, two pairs of rigger gloves and safety goggles, and a round shovel for unloading the kiln.

Hot Plate
We are currently experimenting with a hotplate. This will allow users to boil a kettle or use a pan for snacks

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