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Biochar Products
Premium Biochar

Molinia Caerulea makes a premium grade Biochar, it comprises of very fine particles (under 1mm), it is this small particle size that ensures a massive surface area that will encourage micro-organisms to thrive in your soil for years.

Our premium biochar is over 75% carbon, this carbon will be locked up in your soil for 100s of years.   


As well as being an extremely usefull soil improver, biochar

is also a usefull additive for adding to compost.  It has been proven to speed up the composting process and reduce odours. your home compost will then be a usefull enriched biochar for use in your garden.

 Order now to secure your delivery in January.



How to use Premium Biochar
  • Vegetables, mix Biochar (10% approximately) with your compost before adding to the root area of vegetables

  • Potting composts, mix this bag with a large bag of compost, before planting flowers, seeds and seedlings.

  • Repeatedly sprinkle layers of Biochar on your compost heap to speed up composting time and reduce bad odours.

  • Use with hanging baskets, reduce watering and retain nutrients.

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