Biochar Products
Premium Biochar

Our premium grade Biochar is comprised of very fine particles (under 1mm), it is the small particle size that ensures a massive surface area will encourage micro-organisms to thrive in your soil for years.

Our premium biochar is over 75% carbon, this carbon will be locked up in your soil for 100s of years.   


As well as being an extremely usefull soil improver, biochar

is also a usefull additive for adding to purchased compost. Another popular use of our biochar is adding it to your home composting, it speeds up the composting process and reduces odours. your home compost will then be a usefull enriched biochar for use in your garden.



How to use Premium Biochar
  • Vegetables, mix Biochar (10% approximately) with your compost before adding to the root area of vegetables

  • Potting composts, mix this bag with a large bag of compost, before planting flowers, seeds and seedlings.

  • Repeatedly sprinkle layers of Biochar on your compost heap to speed up composting time and reduce bad odours.

  • Use with hanging baskets, reduce watering and retain nutrients.

Enriched Biochar

Enriched Biochar has been proven to increase yield, water retention, overall health of soil and increase soil orgainic matter.


Peat free product.

Our herd of Dexter cows spend the wet cold winters months in our dry warm barn, Molinia grass is used as a bedding material.

We mix the used bedding with wool from our Welsh mountain sheep. this completely natural product is aerobically composted for several months until it is has completely broken down to a fine compost.

The resulting rich compost has been described by some of our gardening customers as 'rocket fuel'.

Our 'rocket fuel' compost is then blended with the premium grade biochar for several weeks allowing the compost to enrich the biochar.


Results from trials have been positive with increases in yields across all types of vegetables.

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