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Products (available in January 2020)
Pure Biochar

If you already make your own compost, pure biochar will be really useful. Compost mixed with biochar breaks down quicker with reducedodours. The resulting Biochar enriched compost will last for decades in your gardenp. Ideal for ordering by mail order.

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Biochar compost has been proven to increase yield, water retention and overall health of soil.

Biochar Compost

This is really good!

Compost is composted with our Biochar made from natural products sourced from The Elan Valley. More available next spring.


(New Product)
Biochar wool compost

Wool from our sheep flock is included with our compost and Biochar. Available soon.

How to use pure Biochar
  • Vegetables, mix biochar (10% approximately) with your compost before adding to the root area of vegetables

  • Potting composts, mix this bag with a large bag of compost, before planting flowers, seeds and seedlings.

  • Compost, repeatedly sprinkle layers of biochar on your compost heap to speed up composting time and reduce bad odours.

  • Hanging Baskets, reduce watering and retain nutrients.