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Events and Outreach
Organising an Event or Conference?

With our mobile retort we can travel to your event.


Attendees can learn all about Biochar with a demonstration and informative talk.


Contact Tony to discuss your requirements.

Get involved.

We can also make Biochar with your biomass, it could be almost anything: grass, straw, rushes, gorse, leaves, bracken and wood are just a few of the materials that we have processed into Biochar.


Contact us to find out more.

Hire and Self Research

We have a range of composting machinery, including a rotary sieve, compost mixer and a Seko compost shredder.

​All the equipment is available to hire or we can complete your research project here.

Tony now has extensive experience operating the biochar retort and has succeeded in consistently producing biochar of a high quality with over 60% carbon content.


Contact Tony to discuss your requirements.

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