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In September I attended the ‘Regional Development and Integration of unused biomass wastes as Resources for Circular products and economic Transformation’ (RE-DIRECT) final conference near Bangor. The conference title was ‘Biochar & Biomass Resource use for Resilient Rural Communities’. The EU funded RE-DIRECT project incorporated partners from 5 European countries; Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and the UK (Interreg, 2019).

There was a very interesting programme of speakers, demonstrations and workshops. Various biomass materials from several European countries had been processed into biochar with the analysis explained by excellent presentations.

The following image is from one of the presentations.

Speakers were from Baden Baden, Duisburg-Essen University and the University of Kassel in Germany, The Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences, (IBERS) Aberystwyth University and The Cwm Harry Land Trust.

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