Biochar Soil improver is a blend of home-made biochar, sheep’s wool and farmyard manure.
Wool from our flock of Welsh Mountain sheep is composted with bedding from our herd of Dexter cows, the biochar is then added to create a unique blend of fine grained compost that is bursting with long lasting nutrients proven to improve soil structure, increase yields and promote healthier plants.


Biochar is produced through the process of pyrolysis that heats biomass with limited amounts of oxygen present. The carbon rich biochar resists degradation and can lock up carbon in soil for hundreds or of years. Soil rich in biochar has improved water and nutrient retention.


This biochar is made from Molinia (moorland grass) which grows on the peat bogs in the Elan Valley, removing small quantities of the dominating grass improves the biodiversity making the habitat more suitable for upland birds and also creates fire breaks, which help protect the delicate peat bogs.

Using this peat free product helps improve upland biodiversity in the Cambrian Mountains and contributes to peat bog protection around the world.


Biochar Soil improver

  • Biochar Seed Compost is a blend of home-made biochar, sheep’s wool and farmyard manure.

    This fine-grained compost is suitable for seeds and all garden plants.

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