Henfron Farm

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Welcome to Biochar Wales, based at Henfron Farm. Please browse the website for more information about this award winning farm and discover more about our organic Biochar and compost.

Biochar Wales

A pumpkin grown with Biochar compost.

Henfron Farm use surplus biomass materials to make biochar, a soil conditioner which improve yields and plant health. 

Biochar Wales has been established to give gardeners the opportunity to purchase Biochar products direct from the producer.

Biochar will be available from our online shop and selected retail outlets from January 2020.

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Henfron Farm

Henfron Farm

Henfron farm is a family run business. Welsh mountain sheep, dexter cows, alpacas and horses are used as grazing tools to to manage the nature friendly habitats. To complement the environmental benefits, great tasting lamb, mutton and beef is also produced.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy

Being in a remote location Henfron Farm is not connected to the National Grid. Electricity is generated using a mixture of Solar PV and wind supplemented by a diesel generator. A biomass boiler also supplies all the heating for the farmhouse and farm office.

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